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Advice for Democrats in the Midterms and Beyond

My boss, progressive warrior Mike Lux, just launched a new book this week with indie publisher Strong Arm Press. For my part, I did a lot of editing, research, and analysis; came up with the book title; and led the graphic design process for the punchy cover below, which was executed by our production assistant, the talented Andrea Haverdink... teamwork makes the dream work!

This book aims to spark a sorely-needed dialogue within the Democratic Party for uniting its establishment and grassroots movement factions, and debunk the false choices that have hampered the party's ability to win elections. Mike lays out a framework of principles and a legislative agenda for Democrats, which, unsurprisingly to those of you who know us personally, calls for breaking up the Big Banks (I came to politics from Occupy Los Angeles, and Mike works closely with Senator Elizabeth Warren on Wall Street reform), among other things. But I can't tell you all of them, now, can I?

Help us move up the Amazon ratings - buy your copy today! Oh, and for folks who dig the "BREAK UP THE MOTHERFUCKING BANKS" meme above, we will soon have shirts for sale to benefit our non-profit, American Family Voices... stay tuned.


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