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Marie Antoinette Does Congress

Salut, mes amis!

Thanks to your support, I will be traveling to Capitol Hill to meet Monsieur Wilbur Ross this week!

I have heard that the Commerce Secretary said during the shutdown that he didn't understand why government employees would go to homeless shelters for food when they could simply take out loans -- how ME of him! "Let them take out loans" is the new #LetThemEatCake! I must meet this man who clearly draws so much inspiration from me...

I went looking for Monsieur Wilbur last week, but unfortunately he was nowhere to be found. Check out the video I made to commemorate my search below, and please share to spread the fun.

I have a hunch we will find Monsieur Wilbur on Thursday. Follow me on Twitter at @AFVhq and like us on Facebook for live updates. We are still fundraising to make more videos and appearances - help support that effort here.

Merci beaucoup,

Marie A.


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