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Send Me, as Marie Antoinette, to Capitol Hill

Updated: Feb 18, 2019

By now you've probably heard that "billionaire" Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross had his Marie Antoinette moment this week. (He's not really a billionaire, just a talented poser, per Forbes.) On Thursday, Ross told Wall Street kiss-ass Andrew Ross Sorkin at CNBC that he doesn't understand why furloughed workers would be having to go to food banks amid the longest government shutdown in history -- they should just take out loans!

It's hard to make Andrew Ross Sorkin, who was reporting from uber swanky Davos, Switzerland, look like a man of the people. But boy was it a breeze for Wilbur Ross. To wit (emphasis mine):

WILBUR ROSS: Well, remember this, they are eventually going to be paid. The president signed that into law—
ANDREW ROSS SORKIN: Mr. Secretary, but they’re – but many of these people need -- Mr. Secretary, many of these workers clearly need the paycheck on a week-by-week basis. They’re not, frankly, in my shoes, nor in yours. Nor in yours.

But Wilbur Ross was not the only Trumpista to make tone-deaf remarks regarding the shutdown -- there's also Lara Trump, economist Kevin Hassett, and economic adviser Larry Kudlow. Trump himself said he understood what government employees were going through, and suggested that they should be able to just work things out with their landlords, creditors, and even their local grocery stores.

This all sparked a crazy idea -- what if Marie Antoinette could troll these folks in real life to highlight just how out-of-touch they are with the harm caused by their administration's policies? So a friend and I started a GoFundMe to do just that...

You -- yes, you -- can help to send me, dressed as Marie Antoinette, to Capitol Hill. I will use the funds to buy a really ornate historical costume (dress, wig, shoes, makeup), and then wear it at events featuring Trump administration officials, e.g. House and Senate hearings in order to maximize media coverage. We will produce our own videos from the interactions we have with Trumpistas, so this fund will also cover labor costs for a videographer. The more we raise, the more events we can attend and the greater the possibilities for political theater. (For example, we could recruit an army of Marie Antoinettes, or an army of the French poor à la the book Les Misérables.)

So please donate -- anything you can give will be appreciated, and of course, vive la Révolution!


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